Don’t Miss Out: Watch Randy Villazon’s Interview on What Up Official

Last year Randy sat down for a podcast with Chris Pera and Rob LeRoy from What Up Official, and I thought we should share it with you guys.

It was a great interview. Randy, Chris, and Rob dive into life experiences, parenting, challenges with Covid, the story of FASTPITCHMEDIA, the process of creating and producing high-quality skills videos, coaching athletes, tips and advice about getting recruited, how to talk to coaches, how to be noticed and, what's coming next in the world of softball, and a lot more.

As we close on our 1000th committed player, we look back at some of the past year's highlights, and this memorable interview certainly helped spread the word for our student-athletes to get more exposure.

Thank you, Chris and Rob, for the opportunity and for sharing this with your audience!

You can find the What Up Official channel on Youtube right here.

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