Fastpitch Media Services

We produce Softball and Baseball Skills Videos for Student-athletes

We take care of everything for you. One of our skills video expert teams will come out to your appointment and ensure your video shoot event is perfect. All you need to do is schedule your video-shoot, show up and show off!

How it works

Our process is simple, streamlined and designed to show exactly what potential recruiters and coaches need to see.


step 1

Fill out a player application form here.

step 2

One of our representatives will be in touch with you to discuss your video and schedule the video shoot.

step 3

Allow 7-10 days for our team to create your video. We will call you and email you when it's ready.

Be prepared

Filming (Typically 3-4 Hours)

Player introduction: (Sample format provided)
Position(s): skills
Hitting/Bunting: (We supply the drills).

Position players need to have another skilled individual with them to catch, field, and help you show your skills.

If you do not have a skilled person available I will supply one for a $50 dollar charge. 

Pitchers need to supply a skilled catcher.