As a college liaison for our travel team, I recognize the value of a Fastpitch Media skills video. College coaches always request a video, and the ones who don't have it are at a disadvantage from the start. It is an integral part of the recruiting process. The FPM fantastic new update, with the ability for coaches to search for the players by year, skills and position, its value has moved to the next level!

Toff Garcia

College Liason Director

Livermore Stampede

Randy and Fastpitch Media has been an instrumental tool for the young athletes recruiting process. Nobody does it better and more professional than Fastpitch Media!

If you’re looking for a video service to help in your recruiting process, Fastpitch Media is
the one hands down! –

Joe Gron

Director of Operations

18 Gold San Jose Sting

I want to take a moment and recognize Coach Randy Villazon who owns and operates FASTPITCH MEDIA. He has been a strong stepping tool for our softball players with our NorCal Ohana Tigers teams. For the last few seasons he has helped over 95% of our softball players with his video skills get committed.

Even through covid, which was the most difficult time for our seniors and juniors to be committed. College coaches weren’t able to see them because no tourneys were allowed to be played. With the skills video he provide for our players, they were able to send to the coaches that provided them with visual and data to help with their recruiting process. Without these videos, which are top notch, our players would have a difficult time getting recruited.

No we have the majority of our seniors committed and a couple more on their way. The juniors we have are definitely getting attention with the skills videos they send out to colleges. More and more coaches continue to follow our Nor Cal Ohana Tigers Organization due to the major help Randy’s skills videos provide.

Thank you again Randy in helping our girls reach their dream of playing college ball. We will continue to use your excellence service.

Coach Gene Tobola

Ohana Tigers Atkinson/Tobola 18u

FPM has been a great recruiting tool for our organization very professional organized and top-notch service!!!

John Pruneda


18 Gold Fresno Force 

Fastpitch Media is an invaluable resource to the softball and baseball communities. Their knowledge, insight, professionalism, and quality product sets them apart. It’s been an absolute privilege to have Randy and his staff highlight our girls, our baseball player, and so many others we’ve referred for nearly 10 years.

Stacie Hewitt

Randy came to my house with a plan to enhance the recruiting efforts for all PSA’s.  I’ve used FPM from the very start and happy to say we’ve placed a lot of our players in college because of Randy and FPM.

Bob Perales


San Jose Sting

FPM has given me the opportunity to see many more prospective student athletes that I could ever see in person. Randy does an unbelievable job of showcasing his clients to college coaches across the nation.

Al Mendiola

Head Softball Coach

College of Idaho

With FPM it’s more than just purchasing a skills video! You get real professionalism behind the lens and behind the product. FPM is proven and continues to be a part of young athletes success in furthering their education and getting to play ball at the collegiate level. Roll with the best or get left behind!

Jose Espinoza

Head Coach

Club All Star

The Fastpitch Media organization led by Randy Villazon are an exceptional resource for athletes and their families. FPM has consistently enabled aspiring collegiate student athletes with a platform to showcase their abilities through best-in-class
video production. Randy and the FPM family have also personally invested in the community through philanthropic endeavors designed to promote awareness and advocacy for aspiring athletes and their families.

Javier Castro

Director, College Recruitment

USA Softball – Sacramento

I have had the opportunity to work along side with Randy & Fastpitch Media since he started. I feel he supply's the top video product in the business, these videos have become more important since College recruiting budgets have been reduced throughout the country.

Fastpitch Media is the only video service I have endorsed at the PGF Camps I run in Southern Calif along with Elite College Camps in Northern California, he is the only video business I even consider having attend the events I facilitate.

We also trusted Randy to handle the video services during the years I worked with On Deck Softballs Org Combine.  I can not say enough about the quality and trust with Randy and his crew !!!

Mario Moreno

PGF National Camp Director

What is one of the best ways to connect college softball coaches and talented female student athletes?  Here is your answer… Fastpitch Media and Randy Villazon. Randy provides a professional, high quality, effective and affordable skills video service  for all playing levels.  The skills video is worth your investment and the return is priceless!!

Shoot for your DREAMS !!

Debbie Nelson

Owner of AASA

Director of Nike Softball Camps

Fastpitch Media is a staple for the quality and craftsmanship our athletes need to assist in the recruiting world. I can personally attest the videos created will assist in helping your athletes get recruited across the country. Thank you Randy for all that you have done and continue to do for our youth.

Brandi Macias

Going through the recruitment process one of the first things most colleges ask is if you have a skills video, for a while I tried to get around it by sending little clips from our go pro, With no luck.  Then I met Randy from fastpitchmedia and he explained what he does and why he does it, so we took a leap of faith shot our first skills video and within a week we had about five offers, and now I have girls throughout my organization wanting a skills video because the results from the first video that Randy shot were so amazing.

Chris Abar

Head Coach


We at Batbusters Gomes have used Fastpitch Media for all of our players skills videos. Their service is unmatched and they conduct business with accuracy and the utmost professionalism. I have personally known Randy for many years and I have been able to see his vision evolve into something special!

Shawn Ching


Batbusters Gomes

The Breeze is a proud partner with FPM not only for their top quality production but their professionalism! They made our athletes comfortable which allowed them the freedom to perform at a high level. We are grateful for the services they provide and will continue to use and refer FPM to the fastpitch community. Top notch from start to finish!

Ca Breeze

I’ve recently spent some refreshing time with Randy at Fastpitch Media… learning to understand a more clear process that he’s mastering to do with his unique  Recruiting  Video Productions. Because of his own Fastpitch Coaching insights, his positioning of his cameras is outstanding!

Rich Balswick

Fastpitch Foundations

On the behalf of our Top Notch Fastpitch organization here in Colorado I want to thank Randy Villazon and his company FastpitchMedia. FastpitchMedia is an amazing company that has the tools and skills to produce the best-recruiting videos. 3 days after our videos posted several of our players had received emails from colleges. As our organization is built Randy and his team will be our 1st call for our older age groups for all their recruiting video needs.

Jesus Apodaca

Top Notch Fastpitch

FastpitchMedia and Randy Villazon have helped many future softball stars find their next adventure! He genuinely cares about showcasing each of his clients skills in a variety of setting. His videos help connect the players to fulfill their dreams and he uses the most durable softballs on the market; Sterling Athletics softballs. We highly recommend his services to help young players reach their potential on video!

Terry & Donna Robinson


Sterling Athletics

It had been a pleasure to work with Randy for the past four years. Fastpitch Media is a great source for travel softball community. Randy puts the girls' best interest at heart and shows their best skills and attributes as players.

Mike Miranda

Grapettes 18u Gold

Softball Players: if you want a video that will capture your softball skills that include, Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Throwing, Running I highly recommend Randy Villazon of Fastpitch Media. I’ve known Randy Villazon for 10+ years and I’m always impressed with the Quality and Professionalism of his work!

Kiko Garcia

Former MLB player & Head Coach

NorCal Chopper’s 18s

Randy does an amazing job creating videos. He is patient, kind, supportive and hard working to make the athletes feel comfortable and confident that they are showcasing their strengths. His calm demeanor helps create the best environment for the athletes to feel their video will come out amazing. I also love that he showcases athletes through his social media platforms, celebrates their successes, and he truly wants to help each athlete achieve their goals of playing softball in college. There is no one else I would recommend for player skills videos than Randy and fastpitch media.

Emily Atkinson


Ohana Tigers